BCBC staff work closely with members through our committees to monitor trends and deliver effective insights and advocacy on issues impacting B.C.’s economy and investment climate.

Indigenous Affairs & Reconciliation

Action on reconciliation

Reconciliation and certainty support greater prosperity for all people in B.C.  This committee is focused on UNDRIP and its implications for capital markets, investment and Canadian law.  The second focus builds on BCBC’s collaborations with Indigenous partners to advance sustainable economic development.

Other Committees

Input from members and guest speakers ensures committees are focus on relevant issues informed by operational experience.
Environmental Committee
The Committee is comprised of specialists drawn from member organizations spanning many economic sectors including professional and environmental services. It tracks and considers local, provincial, and federal environmental policy and regulatory issues in multiple areas, including air and water quality, environmental assessment processes, water sustainability, waste management, contaminated sites, and species at risk, among others.
Energy and Climate Committee
The Committee explores the intersection of energy and climate matters, which are linked in many policy and process discussions at all levels of government. The Committee is focused on government climate policies and emissions reduction targets, carbon tax, and regulatory barriers to advancing the necessary infrastructure to meet net-zero goals.
Employee Relations Committee
This Committee addresses policy and regulatory issues in the areas of labour law and collective bargaining, employment standards, occupational health and safety, and the operation and funding of WorkSafeBC. It also provides input on the Collective Bargaining Bulletin and database.
Communications Committee
This Committee includes communications and advocacy expertise to provide guidance to BCBC staff on shifting media markets and communications platforms to enable the Council to leverage our voice and policy advocacy to target audiences effectively.
Business Caucus
The Caucus is a multi-sectoral table of industry associations coming together to collaborate and share information on common interests including policy and legislative issues; government consultations, developments and processes that impact business and the economy; and strategies to improve the quality, coordination and effectiveness of business community communications.
Ad Hoc Committees
The Business Council engages members on an ad hoc basis in special committees and task forces based on emerging and short-term issues requiring more immediate input and expertise.

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